Article 1: GSR Pen whipping problems

Article 2: Repairing pneumo tube assembly

Article 3: Scratchy Thermal Pens

Article 4: Inking Capillary Pens


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Article 4: Capillary Pen Inking Instruction

To start the capillary ink flow in the pen, follow the procedure below. It is no longer necessary to use a ‘pen starter’ or ‘duckbill’ to prime the pen.


  • Completely remove cap and capillary tube from bottle.
  • Using a ink filler provided, extract ink from the ink supply bottle.
  • Fill small bottle to approximately ¼ full. DO NOT OVERFILL. Overfilling the ink bottles will not improve ink flow and will increase the possibility of spillage during transit.
  • Grasp the bottle by the cap as shown in (Step 1) and tighten by rotating bottle with free hand.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle until the ink is forced to the end of the pen (Small bead of ink should form at  pen tip.)
  • Keeping the bottle squeezed, slightly loosen the cap again by rotating the bottle (Step 2).
  • Release the pressure on the bottle.


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Note: On Mechanical Modules: After the pen has been inked the Counter – Balance weight should be adjusted to produce as light a pen pressure as possible for good, consistent inking

This information was extracted from Lafayette Instrument Co. Polygraph Users Manual "Captive Inking" Date unknown