Article 1: GSR Pen whipping problems

Article 2: Repairing pneumo tube assembly

Article 3: Scratchy Thermal Pens

Article 4: Inking Capillary Pens


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Article 2: Repairing the Pneumo Chest Tube

The following tools and supplies are needed.

1. Bottle of "DURA BOND" general purpose glue (Found at most hardware stores)

2. 8 inch hooked insertion tool fashioned from a piece of coat hanger or similar ridged wire.

3. Small standard flat head screwdriver.

4. Rubber bands #32 sold in most office supply stores.

5. Small metal punch.

6. Hammer.    (Not Shown)

7. Convoluted Tube

wpe7.jpg (17216 bytes)

Note: The following items can be purchased together (except hammer) by requesting a Pneumo Chest Tube Repair Kit Model 76513RK from Lafayette Instruments. Call 1-800-428-7545 for current price and availability.

Using the diagrams, follow the steps below to repair the Pneumo chest tube.

wpe6.jpg (18726 bytes)
(Diagram 1).

  • Break the glue seal on both ends of the corrugated tube by running a small screwdriver around under the edge. See (Diagram 1)
  • Hold the corrugated tube and twist one end at a time to separate it.
  • Knock out the 1/16" metal pin on both ends which retains the rubber bands. (Diagram 2)

wpe9.jpg (23919 bytes)
(Diagram 2)

  • Place one end of the new rubber band   inside the end piece (Diagram 3) and drive the pin back Into place.

wpe5.jpg (24181 bytes)
(Diagram 3)

  • Now using the 8-inch hooked tool, insert it through the corrugated tube, hook the rubber band and pull it all the way through. (Diagram 4)

wpe4.jpg (13008 bytes)
(Diagram 4)

  • Grasp the end of the rubber band and detach the tool.
  • Insert the free end of the band into the end piece and drive the 1/16 Inch pin into place to secure it in place.
  • Open the bottle of glue, apply generously to one end piece at a time, and slip the cuff of the corrugated tube on as far as possible. (Diagram 5)

wpe3.jpg (23755 bytes)
(Diagram 5)

  • Twist one end piece to orient the flat plates so they are parallel with each other.
  • Let dry for 15 minutes.