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Mr. Ronald Decker

The late Mr. Ronald  (Ron) Decker was the founder of Decker Instruments and a highly dedicated polygraph professional for over 40 years. As a seasoned polygraph examiner, former Director of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute and a past President of the American Polygraph Association, Mr. Decker provided the polygraph community with an unparalleled degree of knowledge and skill in every aspect of the polygraph profession. Mr. Decker was truly a pioneer in the polygraph field and was uniquely qualified in the service, overhaul or calibration of conventional polygraph instruments, he literally wrote the book on polygraph instrumentation and repair.  His vast knowledge and experience in the maintenance of polygraph instruments can not be understated nor replaced, but his company carries on. Ron built a successful business and was truly dedicated to every customers, it was my great privilege to assist Ron for many years while running my own small business. The passing of Mr. Decker is a huge loss to the polygraph community and his contributions and services are irreplaceable.  As for my part, I will do my utmost to carry on his business as long as their is a need for my services.  So whether you own a Stoelting or Lafayette, conventional polygraph instrument you can be assured that Decker Instruments is here to meet all your polygraph instrumentation needs.


Mr. Reynolds (Randy)

Mr. Reynolds (Randy) started the his own polygraph repair service over 25 years ago and continues to serve polygraph professionals world wide. With over 35 years of military electronics, polygraph instrumentation and medical equipment maintenance experience, Mr. Reynolds brings a wealth of talent and skills to the polygraph instrument repair business. He enjoys an ongoing association with several government and private polygraph examiners and through this professional association fully recognizes the unique needs and demands of the polygraph community. Make no mistake, Mr. Reynolds of  Decker Instruments will continue to work hard to provide you or your organization the highest quality and timely service on all your polygraph instrument needs.